Food Service Worker job in the USA


Food Service Worker job in the USA. Are you seeking the latest position as a Food Service Worker in the USA? US ARMY INSTALLATION MANAGEMENT COMMAND USA promises to offer an attractive salary package to its employees of USD 15-20 hourly for the Food Service Worker position. You can also send a manual application packet if you’re unable to apply online Priority/preference will only be given to those who submit the relevant documentation (PCS orders, DD214, SF50, or Transition Assistance Card) at the time of application.

Job Name:

  • Food Service Worker job

Salary Food Service Worker job:

  • USD 15–20 per hour

Job Duties and Overview:

  • Carries out a variety of multi-step or multi-sequence work operations in a kitchen or dining area, paying close attention to detail and following established protocols.
  • Arranges and restocks hot and cold dishes on steamtables, dining room tables, and side service stations. Offers a well-balanced meal at the specified time.
  • Tosses or arranges fresh fruit and green salads in regular serving sizes using premade dressings.
  • When the meal is over, they break it down and clean up. Places food and dishes back in the kitchen. Responsible for operating, repairing, disassembling, and cleaning kitchen machinery.
  • Cleans appliances used in cooking.
  • Washes dishes and cookware. disposes of trash and separates dirty dishes from clean ones. Food delivery vehicles may be unloaded and stored.
  • Takes on a variety of other tasks as needed.
  • A post on the FWS (federal wage schedule) is being offered.
  • When a majority of an FWS worker’s regular, non-overtime hours fall between 1500 and 2400, that worker will get a 7.5% night shift differential for the entire shift. If an FWS employee works more than 10% of their allocated hours between 00:00 and 08:00, they will get a 10% night shift difference on top of their usual pay.

Eligibility Criteria/About the Candidate

  • Social Security number and direct deposit are necessities.
  • Comply with the physical and background check standards for the position.
  • There can be a yearlong trial period.
  • Complete an E-Verify employment verification form to the employer’s satisfaction.
  • Employees are expected to complete an initial 4-hour food sanitation and safety training course within the first 30 days on the job, with annual refresher training lasting the same amount of time.
  • Weekends and holidays expected to worked.
  • Ability to use hand tools for cleaning and operating simple machines; ability to grasp and follow simple directions; ability to demonstrate qualification in resume.
  • No formal schooling needed for this position.

Application Last Date

  • December 30, 2023
Applying Method
  • For applying to this job, candidate should follow the simple method
  • Applicants need to apply online through the below-given platform
  • Apply directly through our given platform
  • Press “Apply” at the bottom.

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