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Treatment Officer job in the USA. Are you seeking the latest position as a Treatment Officer job in the USA? COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY promises to offer an attractive salary package to its employees of USD 15-20 hourly for the Treatment Officer job position.

Working as a Classification and treatment Officer at Kentucky’s sole secure female correctional prison offers a fast-paced, exciting, and career-enhancing opportunity for anyone seeking a job in the Department of Corrections. At the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women, the Classification & Treatment Officers (CTOs) are tasked with classifying each female prisoner that is taken to the Assessment Center.

To establish the proper degree of custody, the Assessment Center CTO goes over each inmate’s paperwork and meets with her individually. They answer convicts’ queries and build relationships with those on their caseload, which is crucial in assisting inmates with adjusting to prison life. Additionally, they collaborate closely with security to ensure the institution’s safety and security.

Job Name:

  • Treatment Officer job

Salary Treatment Officer job:

  • USD 15-20 per hour

Job Duties and Overview:

  • Interview and categorize all inmates at the Assessment Center.
  • Join the categorization committee as an observer.
  • Provide inmate-specific programming recommendations.
  • Inmate records can be updated using the Kentucky Offender Management System.
  • Assess the categories of inmates and reclassify them as necessary based on the outcomes of the adjustments and the addition or removal of detainers.
  • Ensure that the inmate caseload spreadsheet is well-organized.
  • Evaluate each prisoner every 30 days and do risk assessments.
  • Receive calls from interested parties, including family members, lawyers, and government authorities.
  • Make necessary arrangements for scheduled meetings with outside agencies and attorneys.
  • All new detainees at the Assessment Center must undergo a weekly orientation.
  • Evaluate the existing caseload on a monthly basis using Meritorious Good Time.
  • Complete the job classification forms and send them in.
  • Help the security team out around the unit and in the yard as needed.
  • Facilitate a prisoner program while working a certain night of the week.
  • Perform unit-wide tours on a daily basis.
  • Keep regular office hours to be available to convicts and address their concerns.
  • Participate in the Grievance Committee.

Eligibility Criteria/About the Candidate

  • EDUCATION: Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year institution.
  • Education as a Replacement for Work Experience: 0
  • Substitute EXPERIENCE for EDUCATION: One’s education can be replaced year for year with more experience in the field of corrections, law enforcement, or a
  • closely comparable area. You can replace the needed education with current or previous military experience year for year. 

Application Last Date

  • March 12, 2024
Applying Method
  • For applying to this job, candidate should follow the simple method
  • Applicants need to apply online through the below-given platform
  • Apply directly through our given platform
  • Press “Apply” at the bottom.

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