Transport & Logistics Assistant job in Qatar

Transport & Logistics Assistant job in Qatar . Are you seeking the latest position as a Transport & Logistics Assistant job  in Qatar? QATAR AIRWAYS promises to offer an attractive salary package to its employees of QAR 15-25 hourly for the Transport & Logistics Assistant job  position. Providing administrative support to ensure the day-to-day tasks of transportation and logistics run smoothly. Handle the reports that Discover Qatar – Transport and logistic team represent. In written and verbal communications, uphold the high ideals held by Qatar Airways. Coordinate with other Discover Qatar divisions to plan the deployment and assignment of internal and supplier resources using the illusion system in order to get items and services to customers.

Meet the needs of the team by participating in and taking notes during transportation and logistics meetings, and by coordinating trip plans, reports, and records of communication. Schedule and monitor calendar appointments, meetings and coordinate relevant arrangements. Discover Qatar internal committee meeting draft minutes. Your skills. Use your creativity. Your aspiration.

Job Name:

  • Transport & Logistics Assistant job

Salary Transport & Logistics Assistant job :

  • QAR 15-25 per hour

Job Duties and Overview:

  • Provide varied administrative and clerical support. Assist the Discover Qatar and transportation and logistics team with a wide range of administrative and clerical duties.
  • Prepare manual overtime forums and Tour requirements (water, kits, disposable sanitary items) to aid in the assignment of Tour Guides and Captains.
  • Transport and logistics documents, such as manual overtime, manual Duty allowances, and manual overtime for Floating Public Holiday, must be gathered and compiled independently.
  • Maintain a weekly check on the Duty Tour Allowance and Overtime, and provide a monthly report to the Senior Logistics Officer detailing any discrepancies.
  • Observe logistics line instructions to ensure that employees with the appropriate roles in the relevant department receive the appropriate uniforms.
  • Communicating with vendors on uniform needs, swaps, washing problems, new issuance, etc. Distribution of name badges and uniforms to new employees (at both DQ and suppliers).
  • Facilitate communication between the Learning and Development group and the event’s vendors in order to compile a list of attendees.
  • Get them signed up for GEMS. After finishing the training, you can print out a certificate to provide to the vendor.
  • To carry out any additional responsibilities assigned by the Department Head that are relevant to his or her job.

Eligibility Criteria/About the Candidate

  • Minimum of one year of relevant work experience after completion of a Bachelor’s degree
  • Capability with the English Language
  • Specific technical and practical skills

Application Last Date

  • December 30, 2023
Applying Method
  • For applying to this job, candidate should follow the simple method
  • Applicants need to apply online through the below-given platform
  • Apply directly through our given platform
  • Press “Apply” at the bottom.

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